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Friday, 22 April 2011

Summer is here!

No wanting to jinx anything or nuffing, but
HOOLY DOOLY is summer here or WHAT?

And what is more quintessentially British in summer than a refreshing ICED LOLLY huh?


MMM I can just taste that sweet refreshing ice cold burst of fruit.

Really simple to make,

with little bits of leftover wool in the bottom of the bag. A lovely colourful adornment to your summer cocktail party on the terrace.

Happy long weekend peeps.

Eddie Knittster

Wednesday, 20 April 2011



Everyone loves a cushion. They're snuggly and cuddly and they decorate your couch, kinda like the way hats decorate your head.

Today I finished the first of 4 cushions I am making for my home. This one is kind of 70's inspired, and blends in really well with the colours in my living room. Although it's not really BRITISH inspired, it's very practical and really adds jujj to my parlour.

Of course, the most obvious motif for a cushion along our Knitannia theme, would be our very own Union Jack. There are so many on the market these days, that I think it is now a little common, and I'm resolute that we can find better ways to use our national flag.

Though here is a lovely muted version I found online.

You can find the pattern at this link

Union Jack Cushion CLICK HERE!!!

Eddie Knittster x

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Go the RAW prawn

It's a strange and somewhat loosely known fact that Britain has a massive prawning industry. In fact, because the appetite for hand peeled prawns in the UK is so voracious, prawns that are caught in Scotland are shipped to thailand to be peeled then shipped back.

YEP. it's true.

A locally grown prawn is so much more environmentally sustainable.

And so much more fun.

Meet Prawnee.

Prawnee had a fun day out recently with myself and Siobhan.

Eddie Knittster

Thanks for tuning in!

And please, bookmark onto your facebook pages and visit often! There will be all manner of fun to inspire and titilate, featuring the Best of British!

Eddie Knittster.

A right ROYAL occasion

So obviously the 'buzz topic' right now is the royal wedding on April 29 of prince William to Catherine Middleton.  I mean you'd have to be pretty miserable to not be somehow affected by what's going on in London around this right now.  The flags are flying, the bunting is out, and some absolutely ridiculous knitting is being crafted.

The obvious and most visible of knitted products out there right now is the wildly popular Knit your own Royal Wedding by the very clever and inspired Fiona Goble.  Naturally, I am in a FRENZY trying to complete my set of figures in time for the big day.  This is because I started this project late, as I was unable to get my hands on a copy of the book as it was sold out everywhere I looked, even online had sold out in JANUARY!!

The patterns are simple and very easy to follow. Nothing too tricky, simple shaping for the figures and garments and it doesn't take too long to stitch the figures all together either. One thing to consider though, is how to jujj up your dollies once the knitting is complete.  Is more, well, more? Or should one observe protocol and dress the monarch in the *ahem* somewhat questionable manner to which we are all accustomed? 

Thankfully, after a recent trip to Liberty and several London haberdashers I am lavished with a cornucopia of tiny jewels, sequins and buttons.  To bedazzle, or not to bedazzle?  And luckily, the dollies have removable clothing, so I may just need to make a few different outfits for Liz, just to make sure she sparkles brightest on the day.

She is, after all, the Monarch. Even though it's kind of Kate's day, she aint Queen yet.

Eddie Knittster

Welcome Knitters, Britters, and lovers of all things uniquely soft cuddly and BRITISH!

Welcome to my new Blog, Rule Knittania, the only blog on the interweb dedicated to the exploration of Britain's wonderful and quirky history, customs and its people through the medium of knitting.

As a keen rogue knitter, and being a man, I have found that traditional knitting of garments, sweaters, socks and the like has not really been my cup of tea.  Nonetheless, I do love the soft feel of warm natural yarns between my fingers, and the delight of listening to the soothing click clack of my favourite number 4 needles whilst watching my favourite telly.  So naturally, my life's work in knitting has taken a more adventurous direction, and this, dear enthusiast, I would like to share with you.

A couple of years ago, I embarked upon an ambitious project; to knit the Crown Jewels of the Royal house of Windsor.  Not an original pattern, the madness originating from Nicolette McGuire in her epic and hilarious volume Royal Knits given to me by me dear friend Bunny McKoy.

A devilshly complex project, complete with knitted baubles, golden thread soft mohair trimmings and a rear opening that allows the item to be used as a tea cosy, my Crowning Glory has been admired by visitors to my home for the past 6 years.

I aim now to build on my collection of knitted artifacts that are uniquely British. I will document and hopefully discuss ideas, patterns and techniques with my friends and other knitting enthusiasts on this site. I aim to review books, websites and other blogs that deal with Britain, the Monarchy and knitting in general. A rather spiffing ride dont you think?


Eddie Knittster.