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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A right ROYAL occasion

So obviously the 'buzz topic' right now is the royal wedding on April 29 of prince William to Catherine Middleton.  I mean you'd have to be pretty miserable to not be somehow affected by what's going on in London around this right now.  The flags are flying, the bunting is out, and some absolutely ridiculous knitting is being crafted.

The obvious and most visible of knitted products out there right now is the wildly popular Knit your own Royal Wedding by the very clever and inspired Fiona Goble.  Naturally, I am in a FRENZY trying to complete my set of figures in time for the big day.  This is because I started this project late, as I was unable to get my hands on a copy of the book as it was sold out everywhere I looked, even online had sold out in JANUARY!!

The patterns are simple and very easy to follow. Nothing too tricky, simple shaping for the figures and garments and it doesn't take too long to stitch the figures all together either. One thing to consider though, is how to jujj up your dollies once the knitting is complete.  Is more, well, more? Or should one observe protocol and dress the monarch in the *ahem* somewhat questionable manner to which we are all accustomed? 

Thankfully, after a recent trip to Liberty and several London haberdashers I am lavished with a cornucopia of tiny jewels, sequins and buttons.  To bedazzle, or not to bedazzle?  And luckily, the dollies have removable clothing, so I may just need to make a few different outfits for Liz, just to make sure she sparkles brightest on the day.

She is, after all, the Monarch. Even though it's kind of Kate's day, she aint Queen yet.

Eddie Knittster


  1. Well done Eddie. Love the new blog.

  2. Keep up the good knitting Eddie! I think your next project should be based around the 2012 Olympic venues; specifically the ones that have British heritage. Not sure how or what you'd knit, but it seems fitting as the next BIG British event happening after the wedding.

  3. Hmmm Knitted Olympics. I likey likey.